CannaChar™/HempChar™ Biochar

Cannabis/Hemp Biochar is basically carbon, and can be produced from the waste stalks from the Industrial CBD grows as well as the waste stalks from the Medical and Recreational Cannabis grows.  These Industries only utilize the flower of the plant and the rest of the plant has routinely been discarded.

Biochar is produced by a process of low oxygen cooking of the hemp/cannabis stalk material. This process is called pyrolysis.  Hemp/Cannabis Biochar is a superior type of  Biochar that is mainly used for soil remediation and water filtration.  Oxidatively Modified Hemp Activated Charcoal Filters are so efficient they can even filter out radioactive materials like Radium.  There are many other uses for Hemp Biochar and more uses are being discovered everyday.

For soil remediation Hemp Biochar serves as a home for soil biology and additionally helps the soil to retain water.  For soils that have been severely damaged through the continued use of the chemicals utilized in growing GMO crops, Hemp Biochar can speed up the remediation process and help restore a healthy microbiome to the soil which in turn helps to produce healthy plants without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicide, fungicides, and insecticides.  As none of these chemicals have been approved for use on Hemp, the healthy plant will have a better chance to thrive and stave off the negative effects of pesticides and disease.