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      2019 has been a challenging year, just as were the two years prior.  Although Hemp is removed from the Schedule I Designation, the Federal Government still is dragging their feet with the slow wheels of bureaucracy, they have not done much to encourage hemp planting in 2019 in Southeastern Colorado.  The irrigation ditch companies have still not received the OK that Project Water (water that has been stored in a Federally funded storage facility) is approved for watering hemp.  Potential growers in southeastern Colorado are still reluctant to plant hemp until this restriction is lifted. This year we will be growing more industrial hemp seed on our Research plots near Rocky Ford, Colorado.  We are also taking this opportunity to research the effects of all natural rock dust fertilizer from US Soil in Salida, Phytonutrients, Biochar.  Our four test plots will evaluate what effects these amendments have on seed production and CBD and THC levels to assure the use of these amendments do no stimulate the plants into increasing their THC levels above the .3% that is the upper threshold for hemp by statute. We are also working with a local CBD grower to analyze the effects of the same augmentations on the CBD levels on 28 acres of his cloned and feminized seed crop.
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      The Last few months have been really busy.  We did the first ever Hemp Program on RFD-TV.  It was a live 1 hour Broadcast focusing on education and the future of the Agricultural Hemp industry.  You can watch the replay here:
      In addition, we attended the US Biochar Initiative Conference in Ft. Collins where we learned about the many other uses of Biochar in addition to the ones we are focusing on, namely soil remediation and water filtration.  In a way, Biochar and Hemp are very similar in that they are both newly emerging industries.  Biochar is a very versatile raw material that will become extremely important for the ultimate success of the Agricultural Hemp Industry. In Collaboration with some of our Biochar experts we are working on the prototype for the Mobile Biochar Propagation Module and we hope to be able to tour the state with it to demonstrate its effectiveness in cleaning up the waste from the CBD, Recreational, and Medical Cannabis industries and turning this waste into something useful.
      Our Research Plots have sprouted and we are monitoring them closely to make sure they have the optimal conditions for maximum seed production.
      We also attended the EnviroTextiles Hemp Workshop in Glenwood Springs which outlined the entire supply chain for Agricultural Hemp to participants who want to become involved in the nascent Agricultural Hemp industry.
      Duane will be a speaker at the upcoming Hemp and Hops Conference on August 3rd in Grand Junction.  He will be speaking about the differences between Industrial/CBD Hemp and Agricultural Hemp as well as the importance of Cooperatives to the future of Agricultural Hemp.
      Duane has also be named as a Panelist on the R&D and Seed Panel for the Colorado Governor's CHAMP (Colorado Hemp Advancement & Management Plan) Initiative and will be attending those Meetings and providing valuable input for the future of the Agricultural Hemp industry.  these meetings will be in Denver over the next 3 months.
      Thanks to everyone for their support and please spread the word about the Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative as we are actively recruiting Shareholders to help finance the varied projects on which we are working to bring much needed economic stimulus to Rural Colorado and the rest of the country.
      Have a Hempy Day!
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