The Shareholder Promotions is designed to promote all things Hemp produced by our Shareholders. Shareholder Participants can complete the following form and we will promote their products in the Product Hemporium Section of our website. The only requirements are that all promoted products are made from a majority of Hemp, or used in the production of Hemp, and that all the Listing Producers are Patron Shareholders of the Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative. You can become a Patron Shareholder on the Products Page of this website.

At your discretion, we advocate that you offer a small discount (using a Discount Code) to purchasers that come to your website through our site.  The Discount Code will be “CHPC”.  This is for your benefit in tracking the amount of orders that come through our website. There are no additional Affiliate Marketing fees associated with your Product Listing and all of the discount goes directly to the product purchaser.

As a Patron Shareholder, once the CHPC reaches the point of distributing Excess Revenues to Shareholders on a yearly basis, you will receive a Pro Rata Share of those Revenues in perpetuity.

For your product listing, we will need at a minimum, the URL to your Website, up to a maximum of five pictures of your product (JPEG format preferred), and a Product Description Paragraph.  If Offering a Discount with the “CHPC” Discount Code, we need to know the number of that percentage.  If Offering Products in different categories, 1 (One) Patron Share will be required for each different category that is under a different category heading.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Thanks for Collaborating!


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