Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative

CHPC Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower can undergo various extraction methods for obtaining CBD and other cannabinoids. It can also be smoked for the ingestion of a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

CHPC Seeds

The CHPC is working toward developing an Open-Source Industrial Hemp Cultivar specifically developed for seed, high CBD flower and tall stalks.  This cultivar will be reasonably priced and available for all Patron Shareholders to grow as they see fit.

CHPC Hemp Hurd and Bast

Hemp Stalks can be decorticated into their two main constituent parts, The Hemp Hurd (short fiber) and the Hemp Bast (long fiber). Hurd can be used to create many products including paper, hempcrete and plastics.  Bast can be used for a wide variety of manufactured goods from rope and twine to textiles and even hemp supercapacitors. 

The CHPC is a LCA

(LCA = Limited Cooperative Association)

Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative

Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative Products

The Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative creates these raw materials for the production of thousands of Hemp Products.


Mission Statement
Utilizing and processing the versatile, hardy, and eco-friendly Hemp plant, the CHPC is striving to be the most: Beneficent, Beneficial, and Successful Cooperative on the Planet.

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The CHPC Processing Facility will produce 4 raw materials from properly grown Agricultural Hemp. These 4 products are seed, flower, bast (long fiber) and hurd (short fiber).  In addition we will produce biochar from waste cannabis and hemp biomass.

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The CHPC offers a wide variety of Hemp Products from the whole plant including personal care products to building materials and many more.

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