• March 3, 2022
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BY: Robert Ziner, MBA

Founder & CEO at Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation

What the World Needs Now ….” Is it possible the entire planet could be bettered with the advancement of a weed which grows almost anywhere? HEMP offers mankind 6 key physical essentials of human life: 1) Food2) Shelter3) Medicine4) Clothing5) Water ( * by requiring little)6) Air ( * by its exceptional CO2 sequestration) HEMP also has minimal need for fertilizers & herbicides (especially when grown for fiber) – which further protects soil! HEMP products serve both craft & commercial markets & generate excellent quality products. In some applications, these products are currently more expensive – but increased supply & availability will bring prices down. HEMP is sustainable, easy to grow (… it is a weed!) and MORE THAN 100% environmentally friendly. It’s fiber is durable, strong, lightweight & anti-bacterial; and, in some applications such as bio-composites, it meaningfully reduces production costs. HEMP can be grown almost anywhere. This means that local communities benefit together in: 1) Farming2) Processing3) Secondary production4) Service industries5) Trucking6) Education & technical skills development7) Final product assembly HEMP can make a meaningful difference in almost every country in the world as a builder of local economies! CIHC: We believe that hemp can make things better! 

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